Utilizing Aluminum Sulfate

Aluminum sulfate, Al2(SO4)3, is more commonly referred to as alum. It is composed of the salt of sulfuric acid, combined with aluminum hydroxide, a weak base. This gives aluminum sulfate the ability to easily pick up other chemicals or release some of its own molecules. The chemical versatility of aluminum sulfate gives it the characteristics to be used in many industries, especially as a wastewater treatment component.

  • Textiles: When fabric and paper are dyed, the colors will often bleed, especially after washings. Aluminum sulfate acts as a mordant, allowing organic textiles to absorb dye by adhering with both the fabric and the dye. Fabric dyes treated with aluminum sulfate become insoluble, or colorfast.

  • Water Treatment: When mixed with water, aluminum sulfate becomes ionized and is able to attract pollutants within the water system and precipitate them, causing the pollutants to sink (sedimentation) for easy removal. Most municipal water treatment plants utilize aluminum sulfate for this reason, and its primary role in industrial use is in water treatment plants.

  • Paper Industry: Aluminum sulfate is often used to remove impurities from water during the creation of pulp in the paper industry. This versatile chemical binds materials and neutralizes ions during rosin sizing.

  • Environmental: Ponds with extensive algal growth are unhealthy because the underlying vegetation and animal life lose precious sunlight when algae block the sun from reaching below the water’s surface. Aluminum sulfate helps control algae growth in stagnant waters. In the garden, the acidity of aluminum sulfate adjusts soil pH to stimulate healthy growth.

  • Other industrial uses: You can find aluminum sulfate in baking soda and deodorants due to its antibacterial qualities. Aluminum sulfate is also used in fertilizer, fire extinguisher foam, leather-making, soaps, and as a chemical catalyst.

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