Maltodextrin in the Food Industry

You may be familiar with the word “maltodextrin” after noting it on the ingredient list of many foods and beverages. What you may not realize is the role that maltodextrin plays in foods and beverages. Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide derived from a starch — often barley, corn, oats, potatoes, rice, tapioca, or wheat. Usually, maltodextrin is formed into a white hygroscopic spray-dried powder, or, less frequently, into a liquid. Unlike most other polysaccharides, maltodextrin does not add a sweet flavor to foods. Instead, it enhances the viscosity of products. 

  • Many consumers demand texture in foods such as coffee creamers, pudding, infant formula, salad dressing, canned fruits, and protein shakes. Maltodextrin creates the bulk and creaminess in these foods that consumers crave, while stabilizing the liquids within them.

  • As a binder, maltodextrin is used abundantly in artificial sweeteners, where it creates the crystallized form of packaged sweeteners consumers add to coffee and tea.

  • In the food industry, maltodextrin works to turn an oily substance or a liquid into a powder. This drying and anti-caking ability allows foods, such as instant pudding mixes, to remain in a powdery form until a liquid is added, at which time the powder bulks into a highly viscous form.

  • Maltodextrin inhibits ice formation in frozen foods, ensuring that the original smooth texture keeps over time. When added to ice cream or frozen yogurt, maltodextrin also increases the freezing temperature.

  • Maltodextrin is frequently called upon as a replacement for fats in packaged foods, such as baked goods, frozen desserts, and even sausages. With the same mouthfeel as many fats, consumers have the satisfaction of a fatty snack without the added fat.

  • New research is finding maltodextrin to be a viable carrier for many flavors. When oils or concentrated fruit or vegetable juices are spray dried onto maltodextrin, they can be dried into powdered forms.

  • Many breakfast cereals and snacks are sprayed with maltodextrin to create crispy textures with an appealing, shiny coating.

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