The Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Ever wonder why hydrogen peroxide is packaged in a dark container? Because oxygen normally binds with only two hydrogen molecules, hydrogen peroxide is naturally unstable. The addition of a second oxygen molecule means hydrogen peroxide either wants to lose an oxygen molecule or take on additional molecules. This means direct sunlight will alter its chemical formula. However, this instability is contrary to how naturally clean a chemical hydrogen peroxide is. With only four total molecules — H2O2 — this product can be used in varied industries with virtually no environmental impact.

  • Healthcare and Personal Health: Bacteria, parasites, viruses, toxins, and yeast all fall prey to hydrogen peroxide, which oxidizes and neutralizes these living and non-living pathogens. Hospitals and other healthcare systems find hydrogen peroxide ideal for sanitizing and disinfecting rooms, and, when diluted, the same benefits are available on the surface or inside the human body. In fact, H2O2 joins with oxygen atoms traveling through the bloodstream and quite effectively transports those atoms to needy cells. Hydrogen peroxide also may have a positive healing impact on many diseases, from allergies to warts.

  • Food and Beverage Industry: Food-grade hydrogen peroxide is available at 35% total volume and is an ideal surface cleaner and disinfectant. Wine often contains sulfites as a preservative; H2O2 is able to neutralize sulfites without affecting the wine’s flavor. The manufacturing of cheese also includes H2O2.

  • Home and Industrial Use: The disinfectant and sanitizing qualities of hydrogen peroxide make it ideal for use around the house or in a factory. It can disinfect machinery, sanitize hard or soft surfaces, remove stains from fabrics in lieu of bleach, whiten paper pulp, and is used in the manufacturing of polyurethanes. Printed circuit boards and the manufacturing of semiconductors benefit from the etchant capabilities of hydrogen peroxide.

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