The Applications of Crystalline Fructose

Fructose is a monosaccharide, which is the simplest form of a carbohydrate; it is easily taken in by cells since it does not need to be broken down any further to be metabolized. A pure form of fructose,crystalline fructose is somewhat sweeter than high fructose corn syrup and significantly sweeter than table sugar. This makes crystalline fructose a good choice for use as a replacement in lower-calorie and health-conscious bakery items and snacks. Crystalline fructose and high fructose corn syrup have much in common chemically, but crystalline fructose undergoes several processing steps that purify it to at least 98% fructose compared to high fructose corn syrup’s 55% fructose to 45% glucose ratio. Bell Chem, the Central Florida Chemical supplier, stocks crystalline fructose along with many other natural sweeteners to answer the growing needs of many industries.

The most renowned areas partaking in crystalline fructose’s talents are, by far, the food and beverage industries. As the name implies, crystalline fructose has a sweet flavor and is added to foods to improve and/or maintain flavor. It also stimulates fermentation of bakery products, such as sourdough and alcoholic beverages, and retains water in breads and bakery products to prolong shelf life. Because of its crystalline structure, this sweetener is added to ice cream to improve texture as well as enhance the flavor. Within beverages, crystalline fructose has a cooling flavor and is often added to sports beverages to provide much-needed calories for athletes.

As a sweetener, crystalline fructose is a nutritional supplement in animal feed, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products because of its purity and ability to retain a high level of water without harming animals, including humans. Find this food additive at Bell Chem, the Florida chemical supplier based in Longwood, FL, just north of Orlando, with hundreds of products stocked in their 50,000+ square-foot warehouse. You can expect the highest quality products, expedited shipping options for maximum efficiency, and unrivaled personalized customer service. Let our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives and accounting staff handle all your needs by calling 407-339-BELL (2355) or send us an online message.