Tricalcium Phosphate in Food Manufacturing

Many foods contain multiple ingredients to help regulate acidity, increase nutritional value, emulsify, and stabilize them. Tricalcium phosphate is one of those rare ingredients that can meet all these expectations — and more! The Orlando food ingredient supplier, Bell Chem, recommends tricalcium phosphate to its customers as a great product that benefits the human body as well.

  • Tricalcium phosphate contains the calcium salt of phosphoric acid, which gives the body both the calcium it craves for strong bones and cellular activity, and the phosphate to create the energy source ATP. Tricalcium phosphate’s most popular role is that of a nutritional supplement, and it is often added to cereals, dairy products, juices, and soy-based beverages.

  • Soy milk also takes advantage of tricalcium phosphate’s ability to add smoothness and opacity, giving soy milk a more traditional, milk-like mouthfeel and appearance. Other low-fat and reduced-fat foods and beverages take advantage of this as well.

  • The breakdown of tricalcium phosphate creates positive and negative ions, which act to regulate pH. This buffering action keeps foods such as dairy products, condiments, candy, and meat products from becoming too basic or acidic.

  • Because it is nearly insoluble in water, tricalcium phosphate works well as an anticaking agent. Powdered spices and solid drink mixes contain tricalcium phosphate for this reason.

  • As a thickener and firming agent, tricalcium phosphate adds bulk by interacting with gelling agents to stabilize foods.

  • Many condiments, such as baking powder, sugar, and table salt, find the addition of tricalcium phosphate helpful as a humectant.

  • Cheeses require a mineral salt during processing, and tricalcium phosphate can add flavor as well as nutritional value.

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