3 Different Uses for Phosphoric Acid

Some chemicals are versatile enough to cross industrial lines. The personal care raw materials supplier, Bell Chem, finds phosphoric acid fits this description as it can be used in the food and beverage industry, in pharmaceuticals, and in personal care manufacturing. With its simple chemical formula — H3PO4 — it has far-reaching implications. Read below for many uses of this important chemical.

  • Food production: Carbonated beverages find phosphoric acid a boon since it acidifies products with a tangy, slightly sour flavor. Cereal and breakfast bars, processed meats, cottage cheese, jams, and wines use phosphoric acid as a pH stabilizer. Because it is an acid, phosphoric acid creates and maintains an environment not conducive for the growth of bacteria and fungi.

  • Medical and pharmaceutical: The dental industry binds phosphoric acid with zinc powder to formulate a temporary dental cement for dental work such as caps and crowns. Orthodontic applications include an etching solution containing phosphoric acid to roughen teeth surfaces before brackets are adhered.

  • Personal care: Home teeth whiteners often contain phosphoric acid since it whitens teeth as it dissolves plaque. The cosmetology industry finds phosphoric acid is a fantastic pH adjuster in bath products, cleansers, hair care products including dyes and hair colorings, mouthwashes, and nail products.

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