Sodium Chlorite

Sodium chlorite has uses in a number of industries, from textiles and papers to foods and pharmaceuticals. The Tampa chemical supplier, Bell Chem, stocks sodium chlorite (NaClO2) for its clients to use in any of the following manners as well as many more.

- Sodium chlorite breaks down to generate chlorine dioxide, which is utilized in the bleaching and stripping of pulp and paper.

- Municipal water treatment plants find that sodium chlorite can be used as a disinfectant when it is converted to chlorine dioxide.

- The converted form of chlorine dioxide is also an approved form of disinfectant added to water for cleaning poultry, fruits, and vegetables.

- The chlorine component of sodium chlorite is an excellent disinfectant used in bleaching.

- Mouthwash, toothpaste, mouth spray, and eye drops all contain sodium chlorite as a preservative and disinfectant.

- HVAC systems and animal containment areas can be quickly sanitized with sodium chlorite.

- The food industry uses sodium chlorite because of its antimicrobial, sterilizing, and water purifying properties.

- Hospitals sterilize equipment and clinic rooms with sodium chlorite, and the meat industry utilizes sodium chlorite as a disinfectant.

- Sodium chlorite destroys all anaerobic microbes and parasites, which makes it ideal for areas that must be sterilized. In food preparation, sodium chlorite performs these functions, but, if ingested, will not damage the beneficial lactobacteria in the digestive system.

- The oxidizing properties of sodium chlorite, which, as noted above, kill microbes and parasites, give it the strength to work as a pesticide and herbicide.

With so many applications, sodium chlorite is a chemical almost every industry will benefit in stocking. Call the Tampa chemical supplier, Bell Chem, at 407-339-2355 (BELL) to ask about sodium chlorite and any of the other chemicals and products we stock. Read our past blogs for information on many of our growing line of products.