Kosher Products

The Hebrew word kashrut means proper or right; applied to food it becomes kashrus and describes foods fit for consumption. The Torah lists methods for foods – both animals and vegetables – to be prepared before they may be consumed. Bell Chem, your Orlando food ingredient supplier, carries many food ingredients and products that meet the stringent guidelines of kosher certification and may be utilized in food preparation and cooking. Below are a number of those products and how they may relate to food.

-  Ascorbic Acid USP Crystal: Used as an acidity regulator as well as an antioxidant to keep foods from spoiling, ascorbic acid also boosts the levels of Vitamin C in processed foods. When foods are processed, the heat and water work to reduce or destroy Vitamin C. After processing is complete, ascorbic acid increases the lowered Vitamin C levels to pre-processing totals.

- Propylene Glycol: As a humectant, propylene glycol maintains food moisture levels; as a solvent, it is a viscous liquid carrier of ingredients; as a preservative it helps foods retain freshness.

- 99.7% Vegetable Glycerin: Much like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin acts as a humectant, solvent, and a preservative. Its sweet taste also gives it the ability to sweeten products.

- Citric Acid FCC: As an emulsifier, citric acid keeps fats from separating or sugar from crystallizing; the buffering acid stabilizes pH; and added to sodium bicarbonate, citric acid creates effervescence.

- Tri-calcium phosphate FCC: This nutritional supplement of calcium promotes bone growth and repair. As a buffer, it is used frequently as an antacid, and cheese manufacturers use tri-calcium phosphate in cheese processing.

- White mineral oil 70% NF food: Rubbed into wooden food preparation surfaces, white mineral oil 70% absorbs food odors and expedites cleaning because it prevents water absorption.

The ability to create kosher foods using kosher ingredients and preparation techniques is now easier with help from your Orlando food ingredient supplier, Bell Chem. Give Bell Chem a call at 407-339-2355 (BELL) for a listing of all our kosher products, and read our blogs for more information on our products.