Kosher Products at Bell Chem

When a product is labeled “kosher,” it means that the products are pure or suitable for consumption by followers of the laws of the Torah. Kosher products face strict dietary guidelines that ensure every letter of the Torah’s laws are obeyed. Several of the products and chemicals sold by the Florida chemical supplier, Bell Chem, are certified kosher, meaning they do not contain animal or plant derivatives specifically mentioned in the Torah as unfit for consumption.

Foods considered kosher, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, may not be acceptable if they are packaged with non-kosher products, such as trace amounts of impure animal fats or whey from a non-kosher cow. Although chickens and cows are acceptable, they must be fed a diet that meets kosher standards, and they must be processed humanely.

However, foods are not the only products that can be certified kosher. Any additives or supplements consumed must also meet the same standards as kosher foods. Bell Chem understands these guidelines and has an array of food-grade supplements and chemicals that may be added to packaged foods to maintain their freshness while still obeying all kosher guidelines. A few of those products include proprietary vitamin blends, vegetable glycerine, ascorbic acid crystals, stearic acid powder, citric acid, potassium citrate, sodium citrate dihydrate, tri-calcium phosphate, white mineral oil, canola oil, granular urea, and fructose crystals.

Bell Chem is pleased to allow its customers the ability to prepare and preserve kosher foods with ingredients approved by the laws of the Torah. To learn more about kosher products, contact the Florida chemical supplier, Bell Chem, at 407-339-2355 (BELL). Read our blogs for information on our line of products and chemicals.