Multipurpose Products to Transform Your Industry

The most powerful chemical you can use is one with multiple purposes. These three versatile products can be used in a variety of industries, including food, cosmetics, cleaning, and photography. Read on to learn more.

  • Ascorbic acid: This water-soluble nutrient boasts dozens of uses, including boosting collagen production, healing wounds, and maintaining bones and teeth. It’s found in plants, particularly in citrus fruits, tomatoes, and green vegetables. Ascorbic acid produces the same vitamin activity as vitamin C. While it’s popular in the food industry, ascorbic acid has numerous non-food applications in pharmaceuticals, photography, pool maintenance, water purification systems, laboratories, plastics, and cosmetics.

  • Isopropyl alcohol: 99% isopropyl alcohol is used to clean surfaces and prevent infection from minor surface wounds. While people often recognize it for this purpose, it has many more uses. Isopropyl alcohol is found in many everyday products such as paint thinners, inks, general-purpose cleaners, disinfectants and windshield thawing agents. It can remove glue and solder flux, strip paint, degrease metal, and thaw windshields. It can also be used as an industrial cleaner for machinery and parts. In the cosmetics industry, IPA 99% is found in aftershave lotions and hand lotions, and it is used heavily in the nail industry. The chemical is great for cleaning the surface of the client’s nails and producing maximum nail shine.

  • Citric acid: With uses in cosmetics, photography, soaps, and laundry detergents, this environmentally-friendly cleaning agent has abundant potential. Citric acid is most commonly used as a flavor enhancer and preservative in the food and beverage industry. Because of its low pH, citric acid balances pH levels in alkaline products. Citric acid colors foods, catalyzes chemical processes, naturally ferments foods and beverages, extends the shelf life of consumables, emulsifies fats, and expedites absorption of vitamins and minerals.

At Florida chemical supply company, Bell Chem, ascorbic acid, isopropyl alcohol 99%, and citric acid are just a few of the products we offer. On top of a full line of industrial and water treatment chemicals, we also offer a diverse blend of food, pharmaceutical and personal care raw materials. Additionally, we stock many highly specialized botanical and nutritional ingredients as well as hard to find technical grade chemicals and custom compounds. Call us at 407-339-BELL (2355) or contact us online to learn more about what makes us different.