Six Industrial Uses for Acetone

Acetone may be a simple chemical, but don’t judge a book by its cover. All industries can benefit from incorporating it. Florida chemical supply leader, Bell Chem, understands how versatile it is; here’s how different industries can utilize acetone to their advantage.

  • Personal care industry: Acetone is best known as the primary ingredient in nail polish remover. Other cosmetic products, such as skin creams and makeup, contain acetone as a solvent to deliver different chemicals. It’s also a key ingredient in chemical skin peels to combat acne.

  • Pharmaceutical industry: Active ingredients and fillers use acetone as a solvent to deliver the correct amount of medication each dose; therefore, common drugs tend to use acetone as an excipient. Acetone is often used to denature alcohol as well.

  • Textile industry: Acetone not only removes nail polish, it can also remove gum, oil, and other sticky substances from raw textiles like cotton or silk. As a solvent, acetone thins or entirely removes resins, epoxy, and glue from hard or soft surfaces. When welding, applying acetone after a final weld removes rosin flux. Acetone is a great degreaser in metalworking as well.

  • Electronics industry: For maximum performance, electronics require exceptionally clean components, and acetone expels all debris.

  • Environmental industry: Acetone helps contain oil spills because it dissolves sludge, removing it from the surface of water, marine plants, or animals. Because acetone is an organic compound, it’s considered non-toxic to animals and the environment.

  • Petroleum industry: As a gasoline additive, it causes gas to more easily diffuse inside engines since it thins it, allowing it to vaporize. This improves fuel efficiency.

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