Unleash the Power of Citrus With D-limonene

The power of citrus lies not only in the juice and pulp; citrus rinds contain a component known as d-limonene (dextro-limonene), which is pressed and distilled from the rind. With global production exceeding 150 million pounds a year, d-limonene is a product the world recognizes for many great uses, including the following.

  • Solvent: Because it is natural, d-limonene is the solvent of choice for industries that prefer not to use harsh, dangerous solvents in their products. When used with a surfactant, d-limonene removes asphalt and tar. Its KB solvency rating is 67. Wax, gum, adhesives, and ink can all be removed in products with d-limonene added as a solvent.

  • Degreaser: At 30% potency, d-limonene with an alkaline detergent becomes a high-quality degreaser. Concrete driveways, commercial kitchens, and machine shops benefit from adding d-limonene to their cleaning regimen. Even baked-on oils are quickly removed with d-limonene.

  • Cleaning products: Paint brushes clean easily with d-limonene. Since this product can be frequently reused, electronics manufacturers find board washing with d-limonene beneficial and practical. Many vertical surfaces are difficult to clean with traditional sprays since the sprays simply drip off after application. In a higher concentration (above 50%), thick d-limonene clings to surfaces and picks up dirt, oil, clay, and salt. Refineries and oil rigs use d-limonene to clean machinery and vertical surfaces for this reason. When used at 5% of a product’s total, d-limonene cleans mirrors and glass without damage or smearing.

  • Hand sanitizer additive: At 20% to 50% concentration, d-limonene is used in hard surface and hand cleaners. In sanitizers, the pleasant aroma and natural antioxidant properties of citrus are combined with d-limonene.

  • Fragrance additive: Bubble baths, cleansing products, aftershave lotions, and animal dips and shampoos carry the lemony, citrusy odor of d-limonene.

  • Wastewater treatment compound: Because d-limonene is oil-based, wastewater treatment plants utilize it as a degreaser; it adheres to molecules and floats them to the surface of water.

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