Food Grade Coolants: Jeffcool (Inhibited Propylene Glycol)

JEFFCOOL® is the widely recognized brand name for propylene glycol, which has varied chemical formulas, depending on your needs. The water treatment chemical supplier Bell Chem carries both JEFFCOOL E100 and P200. Below are the differences between these two forms of JEFFCOOL and their many uses.

JEFFCOOL E100 is the inhibited form of propylene glycol used as both a heat transfer agent and an industrial coolant. “Inhibited” indicates that a corrosion inhibitor has been added to the product. This inhibited form has many practical applications in the protection of aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and many other forms of metal utilized in industrial cooling and heating systems. Because it protects against corrosion, JEFFCOOL E100 prevents production downtime by lowering maintenance costs. JEFFCOOL E100 also improves the system’s ability to transfer heat, which saves consumers money.

JEFFCOOL E100 is excellent for use in line heaters, snow-melting systems for highways and walkways, thermal energy storage in large buildings,  solar energy collection systems, and for automotive and aircraft manufacture, It is also used in the manufacturing of chemicals, dye production, for paint manufacturing, in paper and pulp manufacturing, and in plastic and textile manufacturing.

JEFFCOOL P200 is a USP-grade version of propylene glycol with applications in the food industry where contact with food or potable water is likely. Found in breweries for cooling batches of beer, in wineries for cooling wine, in dairy processing to quickly cool milk, and in the frozen food industry for spray and immersion freezing of packaged food, JEFFCOOL P200 works to maintain proper temperatures for every application. It is also widely used as a heat transfer fluid in snow melting systems and as a coolant in air conditioning systems and ice skating rinks. Other manufacturing uses include the production of polyurethanes, as a preservative in tobacco and food, as a solvent in medicines, as a de-icer in aircraft, and as an additive in dog food.

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