Utilizing Dextrose in Multiple Industries

Want a nutritional supplement with a pleasant, cooling taste that will work in dozens of food products, as well as in other industries? Dextrose is dexterous enough to fit that bill. The nutritional chemical supplier Bell Chem stocks this important supplement for use in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care, and agriculture industries.

  • Food: By far the largest user of dextrose is the food industry.

    • Bakery uses for dextrose include being used as an additive in batters, cakes, cookies, and icings.

    • Confectionary uses include candy and candy filling, caramels, chewing gum, chocolate, fudge, marshmallows, and toffees.

    • Packaged foods, such as breakfast cereals, condiments, dressings, dried fruits, fermented meats, instant tea, marinades, pickled foods, powdered foods, and seasonings all benefit from dextrose.

    • Dairy products enhanced by dextrose include both traditional and frozen desserts, creams, and milk drinks.

    • Hydrocolloid mixes that add viscosity to food products use dextrose as a flavoring.

  • Beverages: Beverage powders, beers, ciders, energy drinks, light beers, specialty beers, and wines contain dextrose.

  • Medical: Patients with high blood alcohol levels are often given 5% dextrose intravenously to correct fluid levels and counter ketoacidosis. Dextrose increases blood sugar levels for patients with low blood sugar (below 70 mg/dL). Given with amino acids and fats, dextrose is part of total parenteral nutrition for patients unable to take in these necessary nutrients normally.

  • Nutritional: Dextrose is a simple sugar, meaning it is a great energy source that the body’s cells can metabolize quickly without having to break down chemical bonds. For this reason, it is a very quick energy boost.

  • Veterinary care: Dextrose acts as a carrier agent in the injection of animal drugs and infusions.

  • Personal care: Bath and cleansing products, cosmetics, and skin care products are formulated with dextrose as an ingredient.

With a taste approximately 65% as sweet as table sugar, dextrose adds just enough flavor to foods for a satisfyingly sweet taste that extends the shelf life of packaged foods.

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