Isopropyl Alcohol

Ispropyl Alcohol 99% as a Cleaning Product

Orlando chemical supplier, Bell Chem, knows that isopropyl alcohol 99% has proven itself as a disinfectant, but did you know that its uses exceed these humble beginnings as a cleaning product with dozens of uses? Here is a list of its other uses:

  • Candles: Many special occasions are the perfect opportunity to bring out festive candles. The times in between the festivities are not so good for the candles, however, and the waxy dust that accumulates is alleviated with a bit of isopropyl alcohol – spray it on and the candles shine like new.

  • Countertops: Along with eliminating germs, it removes streaks and spots water leaves behind on granite or laminate countertops or floor tiles.

  • De-greaser: Have a vent or burner on your stove with caked-on grease? Remove the grease with a splash of isopropyl alcohol 99%.

  • Dry-erase Boards: Finally, something that removes marks that even dry-erase markers leave behind.

  • Electronics: Gently wipe isopropyl alcohol 99% over keyboards, cellular phones, headphones, or many other electronic devices to remove ground-in debris. The added power of disinfectant keeps you healthier by significantly decreasing germs.

  • Glass and Mirrors: Isopropyl alcohol 99% removes the patina from aged mirrors and glass. Dab a little on a soft cloth to bring back the mirror’s original sheen. Car windows doused with a mix of isopropyl alcohol 99% and water remain frost-free during winter months, and if you forget to wash the windows with the alcohol/water mix, simply pour isopropyl alcohol 99% onto the windshield to immediately remove even the heaviest frost.

  • Gummy Residue Remover: Isopropyl alcohol 99% removes most bandage, sticky tape or sticker residue.

  • Ink Remover: Use isopropyl alcohol on carpets or clothing to blot fresh permanent marker or ink stains, or soak for standing marker or ink stains.

  • Metal: Shine any metal surface, knobs, light fixtures, handles, fixtures, jewelry, etc, with a soft cloth dabbed with isopropyl alcohol 99%.

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