The Uses of Isopropyl Alcohol 99%

A solvent is a liquid, solid, or gas that dissolves another solid, liquid, or gaseous solute. The largest use for isopropyl alcohol is as a solvent, and usually as a cleaner. It can be used as an industrial cleaner for machinery and parts. Isopropyl alcohol is also found in many everyday products such as paint thinners, inks, general-purpose cleaners, disinfectants and windshield thawing agents. 99% isopropyl alcohol is used to clean surfaces and also to prevent infection from minor surface wounds like scrapes and cuts. It is frequently used at tattoo shops to clean bacteria off of the skin before a tattoo or piercing. However, it should never be used to clean a deep open wound or to clean the opening around a piercing after the piercing has been made.

IPA 99% is used heavily in the nail industry. The chemical is great for cleaning the surface of the client’s nails and producing maximum nail shine. For example, when applying the tremendously popular Shellac™ nail polish, the procedure details even include using a nail brush that is dipped in isopropyl alcohol 99% to detail the nails and to make them shine.

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