Zinc Oxide

Watch any summer movie from the 1980s and you will see zinc oxide’s starring role as it coats the noses of lifeguards. This inorganic mineral was traditionally found as an insoluble white powder derived from zincite, a mineral found in the earth’s crust. Today’s commercial use of zinc oxide is synthetic, but the properties remain virtually unchanged. Learn how personal care raw materials supplier Bell Chem’s zinc oxide has enhanced many aspects of your life without your knowledge.

More than half of all zinc oxide manufactured is used in the vulcanization of rubber. From shoe soles to hockey pucks, the addition of zinc oxide allows rubber to be supple and strong.

Zinc oxide’s role in the manufacture of rubber has uses in medical fields as well. Surgical tape contains zinc oxide since it extends shelf life, resists extreme levels of heat, bonds strongly, peels off easily, and reduces bandage stress.

Personal Care
Mothers treat their babies’ diaper rashes with zinc oxide. Zinc oxide absorbs UV rays that cause sunburn and aids in the healing of burns as well as extremely chapped skin. The simple salts of zinc act as an astringent and skin conditioner in creams. More complex zinc salts have antifungal properties used in deodorants, dandruff shampoos, and soaps.

The automotive industry has determined that zinc oxide, when reacting with organic phosphates, reduces oxidative corrosion when added to engine oil, extreme pressure lubricants, and seizure resistant lubricants. 

Solar Cells
In copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cells, zinc oxide acts as a buffer layer with high electron mobility and excitation binding energy. 

Paint manufacturers include zinc oxide as a paint ingredient because it gives better coating to hide blemishes, brushes on a whiter finish without fading, and tints other colors more thoroughly. The anti-corrosive aspect of zinc oxide has led to the development of zinc chromate primers for use on metal surfaces, especially galvanized iron. Steel used in dams and other underwater areas is protected with zinc oxide.

The antibacterial properties of zinc oxide give it the ability to act as a deodorant since the by-products of bacterial growth is what we associate with body odor. Therefore, zinc oxide is added to creams and powders for topical application. 

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