Foaming Cleaners

Spraying a surface with a clear detergent generally cleans the area, so why would manufacturers go through additional steps to create a product that foams as it cleans? Is it purely for aesthetics? Bell Chem, the sanitation chemical supplier, answers these questions and more with our information on foaming cleaners.

Flat Surfaces

Foam is a mass of individual bubbles with added cleaning detergents or degreasers. When applied to a flat surface, these bubbles pile up like melted ice cream. Does it matter how thick the bubbles are? Not at all. As a matter of fact, foam on a flat surface is generally unnecessary unless the intent is to thoroughly coat a surface and know precisely that every point is covered with cleaner. In this respect, foam is ideal since the dimensions make it simple to determine if an area was or was not sprayed. 


In a bulky piece of machinery, nooks and crannies often need a cleaning substance that adheres for an extended stretch of time as it breaks down oil and grime. This job is tackled more rapidly and precisely with a foam cleaner. If you spray a traditional cleaner on a vertical surface and a foam cleaner next to it, you will note the traditional cleaner quickly runs down the surface with very little contact time. Foam has the ability to hold its position much longer, allowing the detergents and degreasers time to break through grime and oil to thoroughly clean surfaces. Tight spaces and gears are other areas where foam is an ideal cleaner. 


Foam cleaners are now used in several diverse manufacturing areas, such as meat and poultry plants, food and beverage processing plants, breweries, and restaurants. Difficult cleaning projects, such as environmental cleaning, heavy equipment cleaning, and vertical surface cleaning are more easily handled with foam cleaners.

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