Utilizing Pro OXINE 5%

Pro OXINE 5%, a staple in water treatment chemical supplier Bell Chem’s expansive inventory of products, has long been recognized as being advantageous over chlorine and other sanitizers when used in municipal drinking water supplies. Its disinfectant qualities hinder microbial growth, including all major pathogens. Below are just a few of the ways Pro OXINE can be utilized:

  • Biofilm control and removal: If you leave water standing for a few days, it develops a slick, tinted film around the container. as well as on the water’s surface. This is biofilm, or microorganisms joined in an extracellular matrix. Add Pro OXINE to water after biofilm forms and the microorganisms will die; add it to water beforehand to prevent biofilm.

  • Sanitation of freezers and cold rooms: Microbes living below freezing temperatures are hardy and difficult to manage without Pro OXINE.

  • Dairy water additive: Milk is bottled, cooled, then pasteurized in water after it is pumped from cows. Pro OXINE is added to the water as a sanitizer.

  • Odor removal: Pro OXINE removes bacteria and mold from industrial facilities that produce noxious odors. It also oxidizes the strong, sulfur-hydrogen atomic odors associated with skunks, effectively eliminating the odor.

  • Rail and tank truck sanitizers: The interior of liquid cargo containers is quickly sanitized with Pro OXINE after each load is emptied.

  • Produce wash: Because it is organic, Pro OXINE is a safe wash for fruits and vegetables.

  • Food preparation sanitizer: Spray food prep surfaces with Pro OXINE before and after food is handled.

  • Cleaning poultry houses: After all areas are cleaned with detergent, spray Pro OXINE on surfaces to sanitize and destroy microbes.

  • Sanitizing animal tools: Tack, halters, crates, brushes, bowls, and any other animal tools are sanitized with Pro OXINE combined with citric acid. Together, these chemicals work to kill bacteria, fungi, spores, and a variety of deadly viruses, including salmonella, Parvovirus, and E. coli.

Pro OXINE 5% has been around for a number of decades, but has not been in wide use until recently due to rigorous testing. Bell Chem is proud to offer Pro OXINE in its lineup of fine products.

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