Crystalline Fructose and the Food Industry

Most people automatically associate crystalline fructose with its sweet flavor, but this versatile food additive is so much more! Bell Chem, the nutritional ingredient supplier, believes your business will benefit from the addition of crystalline fructose to your ingredient inventory. It serves as a fermenting agent, nutritional supplement, texture enhancer, and preservative, and so much more.

  • Catalyst: Crystalline fructose expedites fermentation in baked goods.

  • Humectant: When added to breads, cakes, and other delicacies, crystalline fructose holds the water within the food, thereby extending the shelf life since the food does not dry out as quickly. When compared with other sugar humectants, crystalline fructose is the most soluble and provides the greatest resistance to crystallization.

  • Nutritional supplement: Athletes often need a quick energy boost to defray the constant loss of calories as they play on the field. When crystalline fructose is added to energy drinks, it replaces lost calories and keeps athletes performing at their maximum. Many pharmaceutical products contain crystalline fructose for similar purposes.

  • Sweetener: The obvious purpose of crystalline fructose is a sweetener. Much as salt brings out the flavors of different foods, crystalline fructose maintains flavors of candied fruits by adding an estimated 15% flavor enhancement to caramels, chocolates, and fruits in particular. Crystalline fructose is often added to wines to improve flavor without altering the natural aroma and taste. Additionally, the low glycemic index of crystalline fructose gives it a starring role in low- and reduced-calorie and reduced-sugar foods and beverages.

  • Texturizer: Ice cream owes much of its texture to crystalline fructose.

Foods and beverages enhanced with crystalline fructose are sweeter, maintain a longer shelf life, and have a better texture. Bell Chem, a nutritional ingredient supplier based in Longwood, FL (just north of Orlando), has hundreds of products, such as crystalline fructose, stocked in their 50,000+ square-foot warehouse. You can expect the highest quality products, expedited shipping options for maximum efficiency, and unrivaled personalized customer service. Let our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives and accounting staff personalize all your needs by either calling 407-339-BELL (2355) or by sending us an online message.