Sugar (Extra Fine Food Grade)

There are many different types of sugar, with each crystal size and processing manner providing unique functional characteristics that make the sugar appropriate for specific needs. According to the Sugar Association, the food industry defines "regular" sugar as "extra fine" or "fine" because small crystals are ideal for bulk handling and not susceptible to caking. This type of sugar is the most commonly used sugar for these reasons. Extra fine granulated sugar, a food grade product, is made by crystallizing purified and filtered juice syrup that has been removed from sugar beets or sugar cane. This thick syrup is then dried to produce the most popular sugar grades. Extra fine granulated sugar is white in color and has at least 99.85% sucrose content.

Because of the valuable qualities inherent in extra fine food grade sugar, this product has applications in a wide variety of industries. It is used in pharmaceuticals, jams/jellies, meats, chewing gum, candies, dairy products, bakery products, cereals, condiments, pickles, powdered drink mixes, liquid sugar, powdered sugar, table top sugar, and much more.

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