Sodium Benzoate EDF Food Grade

Sodium benzoate (C7H5NaO2) is the sodium salt of benzoic acid. In the form sodium benzoate EDF food grade, this chemical is a common food additive and preservative used in several industries, including food and beverage, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceutical, and medical. Because it is colorless, odorless, highly soluble, and compatible with other ingredients, manufacturers turn to sodium benzoate for their preservation needs. The “EDF” nomenclature demarks an Extruded Dust-Free grade. As a food-grade chemical, sodium benzoate is safe for use in foods or within food manufacturing areas. Bell Chem, the Orlando food ingredient supplier, carries sodium benzoate EDF food grade for its clients to use in any of these important industries. Below are only a few of the uses of sodium benzoate within food and pharmaceutical production and manufacturing industries.

  1. Food and Beverages: Foods that list sodium benzoate as a preservative include margarine, jelly, cereal, pasta, salad dressings and prepared salads, baked goods, grain products, pickles, syrup, and other packaged foods. In beverages, the preservative qualities of sodium benzoate are used to maintain carbonation in soft drinks and to extend shelf life of orange juice, cider, and other juices.
  2. Cosmetics and Personal Care: Sodium benzoate has a proven antifungal and antimicrobial quality that works well in skin cream, lotion, gum, toothpaste, mouthwash, and deodorants.
  3. Pharmaceutical and Medical: The antifungal and antimicrobial focus of sodium benzoate EDF is ideal for dermatological creams and ointments, anti-aging products, dietary supplements, cough syrup, medicine in tablet form, and topical treatments for lice and scabies. Sodium benzoate may also be used as an insect repellent.

Whether your product is sealed in a pressurized jar or on display in a glass deli case, sodium benzoate EDF food grade can maintain the texture and appearance of food, cosmetics, or medicinal supplements while preventing spoilage with its antimicrobial and antifungal qualities. Contact the Orlando food ingredient supplier, Bell Chem, at 407-339-2355 (BELL) to order sodium benzoate EDF food grade today. For an in-depth look at many of our food grade, industrial, pharmaceutical, or citrus industry chemicals, feel free to visit our informative news page.