Glycol Ether EB

Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, more commonly known as glycol ether EB, butoxyethanol, or 2-Butoxyethanol, is an organic compound with the chemical formula BuOC2H4OH with a sweet odor reminiscent of its family line of ethers. Customers of the industrial chemical supplier, Bell Chem, have found glycol ether EB useful as a surfactant in the home, in businesses, and industrially. Considering 200-500 kilotons of glycol ether are produced annually, chances are your business depends on this United States high-production volume chemical (a chemical whose production exceeds 100 kilotons a year) to keep it running smoothly.

  • Glycol ether’s unique chemical structure of an alcohol and an ether give it hydrophobic and water soluble properties.
  • With over 300 types of glycol ethers, customers are able to select the appropriate chemical with the flame resistance, solubility, and volatility they require.
  • As a solvent, glycol ether is an ingredient in many coatings, including latex paints, resins, lacquers, varnishes, and enamels.
  • Foam in fire extinguishers, oil spill dispersants, asphalt release products, degreasers, and varnish removers are a wide array of products that use glycol ether EB as a solvent.
  • Many cleaners and protectants contain glycol ether as an ingredient, including leather buffers, whiteboard cleaners, liquid hand and body soap, and dry cleaning solutions. In fact, glycol ether EB is the prime ingredient in hundreds of cleaning solutions used worldwide because of its ability to break down both hydrophilic and hydrophobic particles.
  • The USFDA has deemed glycol ether appropriate for use directly and indirectly within the food industry as an ingredient in adhesives, antimicrobial agents, defoamers, and stabilizers.
  • The petroleum industry relies on glycol ether EB as a drilling stabilizer, oil slick dispersant, and in water-based and oil-based fracturing fluids. Glycol ether lowers the surface tension of products, stabilizing fluids pumped under extremely high pressures. As a dispersant, it prevents congealing, which aids in the release of gas.

Thousands of industries rely on glycol ether EB. Your business can undoubtedly use it as a safe, effective dispersant and solvent as well. Contact the industrial chemical supplier, Bell Chem, today at 407-339-2355 (BELL) to speak with one of our representatives concerning glycol ether EB or any of our other industrial chemicals. Our blogs contain information on chemicals and food additives, including nutritional supplements, personal care ingredients, sanitation chemicals, and technical-grade chemicals.