Sipernat 22 Food Grade

Sipernat 22 food grade is a precipitated silica (silicon dioxide) that generates good flowability into a mixed product. When powdered ingredients are added to either wet or dry mixes, the possibility exists that too little or too much of the powder will end up within any given sample. Bell Chem, the nutritional chemical supplier in Orlando, offers Sipernat 22 food grade to alleviate this situation. By adding Sipernat 22 to nutritional supplements, your product will combine properly with the same ingredients in every bite, sip, or tablet. Read more about Sipernat 22 below.

  • Sipernat 22 has the ability to evenly disperse powdered products while absorbing oil, water or other forms of moisture from the surface of the powder, leaving a smooth amalgamation.

  • Absorption of liquids also acts in decreasing stickiness in powders.

  • When added to a spray tower, Sipernat 22 reduces the tendency of caking inside the machinery. De-caking machinery takes valuable time from manufacturing; caking of materials diminishes the total amount of product.

  • In supplements, Sipernat 22 gives much more accurate nutritional dosages.

  • Shelf life is extended in products containing Sipernat 22.

  • Sipernat 22 is highly pure with no additives; the same quality of product exists over long expanses of time. Because it is a natural product, it can be added to skin care products as a natural thickener.

  • Sipernat 22 is uniform in texture with minimized dust generation.

Adding Sipernat 22 food grade to nutritional supplements is advantageous in dozens of ways. Use Sipernat 22 either as an additive in solid tablets or capsules, or in mixes to reduce dust, caking, and clumping. With the ability to extend the shelf life of products and keep them as fresh when you open them today as they were when you purchased them, Sipernat 22 is the right product for your nutritional supplement needs. Bell Chem, your nutritional chemical supplier, is available at (407) 339-2355 (BELL) with any questions you may have pertaining to Sipernat 22 food grade or any of their other chemicals and supplements. Please browse our website for an abridged product list.