Jeffcool P200 (Inhibited Propylene Glycol)

The food and beverage industry relies on Jeffcool P200 (inhibited propylene glycol) for chilling and freezing. Among its many applications are immersion freezing, fermentation cooling in wineries and breweries, and cooling liquid foods. Defrosting and dehumidifying the industrial facilities housing the foods and beverages is another use for Jeffcool P200, which gives you even more reason to purchase this all-purpose chemical from Bell Chem, your industrial chemical supplier. See more uses for Jeffcool P200 below.

  • Beverage and flavoring companies: Carbonated beverages are chilled in Jeffcool P200 before bottling to preserve carbonation.

  • Spray and immersion freezing of packaged foods: Jeffcool quickly freezes the outermost layer of foods to retain freshness before products enter lower temperatures. Simply spray or immerse the food until the correct depth of freeze is achieved. Even oddly-shaped foods are evenly frozen.

  • Breweries, distilleries, and wineries: Jeffcool P200 is used in cooling batches of beer and wine because small amounts of the chemical do not negatively affect the yeast or fermentation processing. Likewise, Jeffcool P200 can be utilized to cool beer storage tanks, yeast storage tanks, and fermentation tanks.

  • Champagne production: Inverted bottles of aged champagne dipped in a chilled bath of Jeffcool P200 freeze the contents in the neck of the bottle, thereby trapping sediment for easy removal.

  • Cooling agent in dairy processing, food, and meat product processing, such as poultry processing plants: The temperatures of milk are lowered more rapidly when immersed in Jeffcool P200, reducing bacterial count and allowing for bottling more quickly. Dairies and food processors use Jeffcool P200 to cool molds used in plastic bottle blow molding.

Jeffcool P200 is basically odorless and colorless, not considered flammable, has low corrosivity, is a dependable temperature control, is easily regenerated and reconcentrated, and gives simple system maintenance and operation, which lead to productivity increases and cost savings. Jeffcool P200 is available at Bell Chem along with hundreds of other useful food grade and industrial chemicals. Call the industrial chemical supplier, Bell Chem, at (407) 339-2355 (BELL) today to order Jeffcool P200, and read our blogs for the latest information on all our chemicals.