Puracal PP

Puracal PP (pentahydrate powder) is food grade calcium lactate available in a white, non-hygroscopic formation. Added to many foods, it provides an excellent source of calcium in everyday products. Because it is highly soluble and its taste can best be described as neutral, the application of this calcium salt of lactic acid in most products is simple and leaves no bitter taste on foods, unlike other calcium additives. Below is a list of a few of the applications for Puracal PP, one of the quality chemicals supplied by Bell Chem, your nutritional chemical supplier.

  • Restaurants and grocery stores use Puracal PP on freshly cut fruits to extend their shelf life. Fruits remain firmer longer with an application of Puracal PP.

  • Sugar-free foods are often highly acidic, which can cause tooth decay. Adding Puracal PP counters this reaction by remineralizing tooth enamel, thereby preventing its erosion.

  • Mouthwashes, toothpastes, and other oral care products often contain Puracal PP because it decreases tartar production.

  • In the pharmaceutical industry, Puracal PP serves two distinct purposes that we often see united in one product: it is utilized as an antacid and a calcium supplement.

  • Cheesemakers employ Puracal PP on both young and old cheeses in the form of cheese crystals to diminish acidity. It is more likely to be added to the exterior of the cheeses, although adding Puracal PP as the cheese forms is not unlikely.

Puracal PP dissolves easily and is readily absorbed at a wide pH range. Absorption can occur with or without food when ingested orally. With its ability to boost calcium levels while deterring enamel erosion, Puracal PP is a great choice for preserving food as it enhances the body’s framework. Call Bell Chem at (407) 339-2355 (BELL) for further information on Puracal PP or any of the other chemicals in their vast inventory, and read our latest blogs to learn more about the nutritional chemical supplier of Florida, Bell Chem.