Glycerin 99.5%, Vegetable USP/Kosher

Glycerin is a oil-based liquid traditionally produced from palm, soy, or coconut oil. Food applications demand a USP grade of 99% or higher, which is exceeded with this product. While vegetable glycerin is clear and odorless, USP-grade glycerin has a sweet flavor. Read below for uses of vegetable USP-grade glycerin 99.5%, brought to you by Bell Chem, the nutritional chemical supplier of choice.

  • The sweet taste of vegetable glycerin gives it applications as a sweetener in low carbohydrate foods, and, unlike common table sugar, glycerin will not cause tooth decay.

  • Many foods contain vegetable glycerin as a filler or thickening agent, especially in low-fat foods. Without fat, foods often lose flavor and texture, both of which can be rectified with the addition of vegetable glycerin.

  • Cake icing often contains vegetable glycerin to prevent it from becoming too hard after it is spread.

  • Shaving cream, soap, and shampoo contain vegetable glycerin as a humectant (moisturizer) to increase the solubility of other ingredients, thereby making products easier for the skin to absorb.

  • Many lotion manufacturers appreciate vegetable glycerin’s ability to draw moisture from deep skin tissues to the surface and to keep the skin from drying excessively. It is often marketed toward individuals with sensitive or easily-irritated skin.

  • Toothpaste and mouthwash contain vegetable glycerin since it improves the taste without causing tooth decay.

  • The increase of solubility has led the pharmaceutical industry to utilize vegetable glycerin in allergen immunotherapy, cough syrup, elixirs, and expectorants.

  • Medicine in the form of tablets may contain vegetable glycerol as a tablet-holding agent.

  • In herbal extracts, vegetable glycerin is often used in lieu of ethanol in products touted as alcohol-free.

With its many uses, vegetable glycerin 99.5% USP is a fantastic product from your pharmaceutical, food grade, and nutritional chemical supplier, Bell Chem. Contact Bell Chem today at (407) 339-2355 (BELL) to inquire about vegetable glycerin or any of our other chemicals.