Practical Uses for Acetone Beyond Nail Polish

Take a look at a basic bottle of nail polish remover; odds are, it contains acetone. And while acetone is a great help for removing sparkles and remnants of colors from your nails, did you know it has multiple industrial uses? Although it is commonly known as a chemical that is used to remove fingernail polish, it is so much more! Acetone is just one technical grade product that Bell Chem has available for purchase and it can be incorporated into your cosmetic, petroleum, medical, or cleaning industries in the following ways.

  1. Transporting and pressurizing volatile chemicals is dangerous. However, they can be safely handled when acetone is added as a solvent. 

  2. Acetone acts as a magic dissolvent for many kinds of extra strength of glue.

  3. Several kitchen cleaning products like oven and stove cleaners include acetone to assists in dissolving organic matter.

  4. Acetone revitalizes stained porcelain and fine china, giving new life to heirloom surfaces. When it comes to raw textiles, acetone is commonly diluted to remove gums, oils, and other undesirable substances from the fibers.  

  5. When it comes to medications, acetone is a great solvent, helping to blend fillers and active ingredients that compromise pharmaceuticals in pill and liquid form. Active pharmaceutical ingredients can quite literally make one pill more effective than another, and that is where acetone helps.

With so many varied uses, acetone should definitely be on the top of your chemical inventory list. If you would like to know more about its usability or how quickly we can turn around an order for you, contact our technical grade product suppliers. Our blog showcases more of our impressive products and offers detailed, in-depth information on how they are best used.

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