Chemical Importance in Water Monitoring, Assessment, and Treatment

The demand for clean, pure drinking water is at an all-time high. To meet this critical need, water supplies are treated, monitored, and assessed before they reach the consumer. Bell Chem has to understand every step in the process of purifying water, which relies heavily on chemical intervention.

Water treatment chemicals are used in a variety of ways: they keep pipes and machinery clean, remove debris and buildup, react and neutralize unwanted chemicals, and keep organic growth from proliferating. Below are some chemical categories that play a part in water treatment, and an explanation as to how each is used.

  • Biocides, such as chlorine and copper salts, are disinfectants that remove microbial organisms from the water.

  • Antifoaming agents of silica and oil remove unwanted foam from processing areas where foam inhibits equipment from working at full capacity.

  • Coagulants and flocculants like aluminum clump unwanted foreign material together. The excess weight of the clumped materials causes them to filter to the base of the equipment.

  • Corrosion inhibitors include zinc and phosphates, which attach themselves as a thin film along metal surfaces.

  • Neutralizing agents such as sodium hydroxide and calcium carbonate maintain pH levels. To prevent pipe corrosion, pH conditioners are added.

  • Scale inhibitors, including phosphoric acid, are negatively charged polymers that disrupt the formation of scale.  

Monitoring and assessing water for nitrates, fluoride, dissolved oxygen, chloride, and microbial life relies heavily on chemical assistance to ensure it is within reasonable and expected limits. Bell Chem has a vast supply of water treatment chemicals and products for any facility size. Check out our blog for industry news, product reviews and uses.

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