Potassium Citrate – Its Medical & Industrial Uses

Potassium is a mineral found in many foods that helps regulate various functions of your body, especially the beating of your heart. Potassium citrate, a potassium salt of citric acid, has a number of medical and industrial uses. This chemical exists as a white, powdery, odorless substance with a slightly salty taste. Medically, potassium citrate can be used to cure kidney stones because it helps to break up the stones into small enough pieces to be able to pass safely through the urine. For cats and dogs with highly acidic urine, potassium citrate can be administered through the mouth to relieve the discomfort and infection that accompanies this condition. Usually, the potassium citrate is diluted in water and then administered orally.

In foods and beverages, potassium citrate is used as a buffering agent. This chemical can help adjust the pH levels in items like soft drinks, so that they have the correct pH level. In addition, potassium citrate is commonly used as a flavor enhancer, particularly for processed foods and commercially available citrus beverages.

Potassium citrate also helps with muscle contractions, such as cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscles. It is believed to maintain healthy cells and normal blood pressure, as well as produce energy.

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