Everyday Uses of Sodium Chloride (Salt)

What occurs in nature as a mineral, is produced from brine, can be mined, used as a flavoring for food, and can also be found in great abundance in sea water? The answer is sodium chloride, or more commonly referred to as salt. Salt is much more than just a flavoring for your food. Did you know that salt reduced human dependence on the seasonal availability of food (because of its ability to preserve) and allowed humans to travel over long distances? It allowed for the migration and survival of civilization. In fact, sodium chloride serves as one of the most important substances used by the human race. Throughout history, salt was used for trading purposes and often resulted in national economies and wars. Although times have changed, the world still consumes and uses quite a bit of sodium chloride each year. The world's annual consumption of salt exceeds 150 million tons!

So, what is everyone using sodium chloride for? What are some of its everyday uses?

Sodium Chloride for the Human Body:

  • Minor Sore Throat - Have a sore throat? Relieve it by mixing a small amount of salt in some warm water and gargle. It is still recommended by doctors today.
  • Tired Aching Feet - Soak your feet in some warm salt water and it will ease the soreness and ache in your muscles. Epsom salt will work as well.
  • Sprains, Strains and Bee Stings- Warmly dampen a towel, sprinkle some sodium chloride on it, fold it and then place it on the affected area. Even if it's only temporary, it will bring some relief.
  • Poison Ivy - Although a salt bath won't cure poison ivy, it will sooth the irritation.

Everyday Household Uses for Sodium Chloride:

  • Cleaning Vegetables - Cleaning your vegetables in salt water can remove any dirt or grit that may be trapped on and in between them.
  • Remove Coffee and Tea Stains from Cups - You can remove any coffee or tea stains by rubbing the stained area with a damp sponge or cloth dipped in salt. You can even clean your coffee maker for that next fresh cup of coffee! Fill it with water, salt and boil.
  • Grease Fire - Never, and I mean never, pour water on a grease fire. Use salt instead.
  • Reduce Grease Build Up - Pouring some warm salt water down the drain can help reduce grease build up.
  • Kills Weeds - Sprinkling salt on unwanted plants will kill them.
  • Kills Fleas and Deters Ants - If you are having a flea problem, or an ant problem, sprinkle some salt around your home and lightly on your carpet.

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