Limonene is a colorless liquid hydrocarbon that is classified as a cyclic terpene. The rinds of many citrus fruits, such as the lemon, contain large amounts of limonene and this is where this chemical compound gets its name. The more common D isomer of limonene (D-limonene) smells strongly of oranges and is acquired commercially from citrus fruits through two main processes: centrifugal separation and steam distillation. D-limonene is used as a precursor to carvone in chemical synthesis and is present in many consumer products. Because this chemical smells like oranges, D-limonene is used in food manufacturing as well as in some natural and alternative medicines. D-limonene is said to alleviate gastroesophageal reflux disease as well as heartburn.  Also, D-limonene is commonly used as a flavoring to mask the bitter taste of alkaloids, as an aroma in perfumes, as a botanical insecticide, and as a solvent added to cleaning products.

Limonene is currently being used as a solvent for cleaning oil off of machine parts at auto shops. Limonene is also used as a paint stripper on painted wood and as a solvent in model airplane glues. Limonene can be used to remove self-adhesive postage stamps from envelope paper. In addition, many cosmetic products contain this chemical.

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