Calcium Lactate

The chemical Calcium Lactate is a highly soluble white crystalline calcium salt that is produced through fermentation. It can typically be found in the form of a white free-flowing powder or a pill/tablet. Calcium lactate has a variety of uses including the treatment of medical conditions such as calcium deficiencies, rickets, osteoporosis, and latent tetany. Calcium lactate also extends the shelf life of cut fruits and prevents tooth decay. This chemical also has positive effects on women who are postmenopausal, pregnant or breastfeeding by providing more calcium to their bodies.

Calcium is a mineral found in foods and dairy products such as red beans, rhubarb and broccoli. Calcium is required by the human body for healthy teeth and bones. It also helps remove other minerals from the body for normal function. Calcium deficiencies can be caused by either inadequate calcium intake or a medical condition. Prolonged deficiencies lead to osteoporosis, brittle bones and weak teeth.

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