Clean Water With Polyphosphates

Polyphosphates, the water treatment chemical components, play a vital role in maintaining a precise chemical level of potable (drinking) water. It is inevitable that metals exist in water; polyphosphates work to remove or reduce the level of these metals more rapidly than other chemicals; they are also used as a catalyst to stimulate other chemical reactions. For instance, hard deposits of calcium carbonate and iron oxides tend to flocculate, or clump, and cause buildups in pipes and in the water. Polyphosphates coat individual metal particles, halting flocculation and preventing clogging. Sodium hexametaphosphate interferes with early crystallization of hard metal deposits to remove these metals from the water at levels far below what is typical for other reactions. Polyphosphates also act as sequestration agents, surrounding metal ions such as iron and manganese to form soluble chemical complexes that move through pipes rather than adhering to them.

Many water treatment chemicals have a specific pH range and strict environmental protocol to work properly. Polyphosphate configuration is varied and works in a wide range of neutral or alkaline pH levels. Polyphosphates are stable under conditions considered too harsh for other water treatment chemicals, such as those found in chlorinated drinking water. Stability is also important in storing chemicals, and polyphosphates have the ability to retain physical and chemical properties over an extended period of time.

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