Beyond the Sunburn: Aloe Vera’s Uses as a Beauty Care Chemical

My grandmother always had at least one aloe vera plant at her house that we primarily utilized as a curative for any minor skin irritation, from burns to punctures and even abrasions. The soothing gel of the aloe did not irritate or dry the skin. As I grew up, aloe vera’s usefulness grew with me. The beauty care chemical became my go-to remedy for sunburn relief and to enhance my skin’s pliability. Aloe does much more than making the skin look healthy, though; aloe significantly improves many facets of skin health.

Aloe vera plants are storehouses of remarkable beauty care chemicals, designed to counteract the effects of time and environment. Long strings of extremely polar proteins called mucopolysaccharides encapsulate water within the skin’s surface to help skin maintain moisture. Aloe vera also stimulates the production of the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers, the fibers responsible for skin elasticity. The breakdown of elastin fibers gives the skin a wrinkled appearance; aloe vera prevents this breakdown.

The surface of the skin, the epidermis, is constantly flaking away. These small cellular regions are shed without notice for the most part, but their departure often gives the skin a rougher appearance. Aloe adheres these flaking skin cells together for a softer, more uniform skin appearance. The amino acids within aloe vera work to soften toughened skin areas, such as feet and fingers. As a matter of fact, when gloves are infused with aloe, hands become less erythematous and wrinkles decrease. Another dermatological difficulty aloe corrects is pore size. When the pores on the skin’s surface are large, not only does the skin look rough, but the larger openings increase permeability, inviting bacterial infection of the oil glands. The zinc within aloe vera is proven to tighten pores and relieve many of the symptoms caused by larger pores.

The components of aloe vera also act as an anti-inflammatory, which aids in removing or reducing fluid build-up beneath the skin. Studies are also proving that aloe vera may inhibit tumor growth in animals. In the future, we may see aloe as part of cancer chemoprevention.

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