Caustic Potash

Caustic Potash 45%

Caustic potash is also known as potassium hydroxide and has the simple chemical formula KOH. Caustic potash is a colorless solid typically sold as translucent pellets and is considered a strong base. Because it is hygroscopic, caustic potash becomes sticky when exposed to air. The “caustic” portion of its name is apropos; most of its applications depend on its corrosive nature and how it reacts with acids. It's exothermic properties cause it to give off substantial heat when mixed with water. Caustic potash 45% is available by the industrial chemical supplier, Bell Chem, because of its varied uses.

  • Caustic potash is a precursor to almost all liquid and soft soaps on the market. As caustic potash saponifies fats, the end product is potassium soaps, which are softer than normal. The solubility of caustic potash requires less water to liquefy, thereby giving it the ability to contain more cleaning agents; in other words, less product is used for the same amount of cleansing.

  • Chemicals containing potassium generally begin with a reaction to caustic potash. The production of potassium carbonate from caustic potash is used to manufacture television tubes and other specialty glasses.

  • Biodiesel formed from vegetable oil requires a chemical such as caustic potash to separate glycerin from the final product.

  • Alkaline batteries based on nickel hydrogen, nickel cadmium, and manganese dioxide zinc require an electrolyte for their charge, and aqueous caustic potash’s high ionic conductivity gives it the ability to outperform carbon-based batteries.

  • Caustic potash 45% is a common food thickener and stabilizer.

  • As a cleaner, caustic potash is a versatile alternative. Lotions, hairsprays, shampoos, and denture cleaners contain KOH as an ingredient. Cleaning becomes more industrious at higher concentrations, and oven cleaners, concrete cleaners, detergents, and drain and pipe cleaners may all contain caustic potash.

  • The high solubility of caustic potash 45% is ideal for use as fertilizers since potassium is one of the three major components plants need to thrive.

  • Acidic soils benefit from the pH regulating properties of caustic potash. Herbicides may also contain KOH since unwanted vegetation has specific pH needs. Changing the pH will kill the weeds.

  • To manufacture paper, caustic potash 45% acts as a defoaming agent.

Along with these multiple uses, caustic potash 45% is also used as a greaser, oxidizer, catalyst, and in electroplating. With so many wide-range uses, caustic potash will surely benefit your organization. Contact the industrial chemical supplier, Bell Chem, at 407-339-2355 (BELL) to learn about our complete line of chemicals and food additives. Our blogs list many of our chemicals and their uses.