Xanthan Gum 80 Mesh FCC

Xanthan gum has been used for over 50 years as a food additive, primarily as a thickener. The distinction of “80 mesh” denotes a standard grain of xanthan suitable to most conditions. Chefs worldwide as well as large food manufacturers rely on xanthan gum to thicken liquids, create light foams, give vinaigrettes body, and stabilize emulsions. The Orlando food ingredient supplier Bell Chem stocks this important additive for its customers in Florida and across the nation.

In cooking and baking, xanthan gum is used in a variety of manners. Foams and froths, such as those in a cream pie, rely on xanthan to maintain their integrity. Sauces without xanthan gum would be puddles of unappealing liquid, and purees would easily separate without the emulsifying property of xanthan.

Xanthan gum 80 mesh has a neutral flavor and better mouthfeel than other grades of grain. As it thickens products, it gives the texture most associated with either liquid or solid fat, so the result is a low-fat product the mouth falsely recognizes as “buttery”.

Xanthan gum offers almost immediate results. Therefore, adding the ingredient slowly causes thickening upon contact. Sauces, purees, and soups need only a tiny amount of xanthan gum to both thicken these products and keep them from separating over time.

Cosmetic use of xanthan gum includes toothpastes, shaving foams, shampoos and gels, creams, and facial masks. The emulsifying benefit of xanthan gum is a creamy, silky texture when applied to the skin.

The pharmaceutical industry finds xanthan gum aids in lowering blood sugar and total cholesterol amounts in diabetic patients. Many manufacturers add xanthan gum to laxative medications because it expands within the digestive tract, stimulating movement of waste through the colon. It is also an additive for medicines that aid in dry mouth because it acts to slow sugar absorption.

Xanthan gum 80 mesh works well in high salt conditions and in alkaline or acidic environments. The ability to remain stable in a wide pH range gives xanthan gum a high resistance to enzymatic degradation.

With its myriad functions, xanthan gum 80 mesh is an easy-to-use food ingredient perfect for your food manufacturing needs. Call the Orlando food ingredient supplier, Bell Chem, at 407-339-2355 (BELL) to speak with one of our talented representatives concerning xanthan gum 80 mesh or one of our other food-grade ingredients. Our news page highlights many of our other products and their various uses.