What You Didn’t Know About Oils!

Did you know you can run your car on oil? But more importantly, did you know oil is a common product we use every day? Here’s some information on just a few of the oils we provide here at our Florida chemical supply company: Eucalyptus oil, distilled from a type of myrtaceae plant native to Australia, can be used as an antiseptic, repellent, flavoring, pharmaceutical, and even as a fragrance. A few products that utilize this versatile oil are lotions and perfumes. Some baked goods and beverages even contain low amounts of eucalyptus oil.

Though recognized more in its natural state, garlic oil, when medically used, can harden arteries and reduce blood pressure. Garlic oil can also treat ear infections, acne, the common cold, and even backaches.

Coconut oil has a very high stability, which makes it slow to oxidize, and lasts up to two years due to its high saturated fat content. Not only is it used for food and industrial purposes, but also coconut oil has become a recent trend in hair and skin treatments.

From a bag of chips to household cleaners, oils are contained in many every day products. Let our Florida chemical supply company provide the right oil for you. Call us today at 407-339-BELL(2355) to order your quality chemical products!