Uses of Isopropyl Alcohol

Most consumers keep isopropyl alcohol in their medicine cabinets for everyday use, such as hand sanitizer, but this all-purpose chemical serves industrial purposes as well. In fact, isopropyl alcohol’s flexibility gives it a significant place of honor in labs, paint manufacturing facilities, the pharmaceutical industry, in printing, and in semiconductor and circuit board manufacturing. Read below to learn more about the advantages of stocking your business with isopropyl alcohol from the Florida chemical supply company, Bell Chem.

  • Circuit boards and semiconductors rely on isopropyl alcohol to clean and remove glue, solder flux, stains, dust, and other corrosive materials.

  • The printing industry uses it as a cleaner as well for equipment, in gravure printing, and in flexography and lithography.

  • Isopropyl alcohol is used in rubber manufacturing as well as a diluent and extractor in chemistry, and strips paint and degreases metal.

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing has found isopropyl alcohol is perfect for hot air solder leveling, in etching, and in giving PCB holes conductivity.

  • Oil, grease, and hydraulic fluid are no match for isopropyl alcohol, which removes these substances with ease.

  • Isopropyl alcohol is an established disinfectant used in hospitals and medical facilities to pre-cleanse patient sites before drawing blood, injecting medications, or puncturing the skin in any way.

  • The cosmetic industry uses isopropyl alcohol as a gentle cleanser and adds it to many cosmetics, perfumes, and astringents.

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