Uses of Benzyl Alcohol

Part of our Florida chemical supply at Bell Chem is benzyl alcohol. Benzyl alcohol is a general solvent, or a substance that dissolves a solute (usually a solid, although it can be another liquid or a gas) to form a solution. Unlike other solvents, however, benzyl alcohol is not flammable. This small fact makes benzyl alcohol safe to ship around the world. Its other function is as a precursor to different esters, or chemical compounds derived from an acid in which one or more hydroxyl groups are replaced with an alkoxy group. Esters are commonly used in the cosmetic industry.

  • In healthcare, intravenous medications are treated with benzyl alcohol where it acts as a bacteriostatic preservative at low concentrations.

  • Head lice can be stanched with a 5% solution of benzyl alcohol.

  • In cosmetics, benzyl alcohol acts as an ester and is added to perfumes and soaps.

  • The food industry utilizes benzyl alcohol in pre-packaged foods to enhance flavors.

  • In photography, benzyl alcohol develops photos.

As a solvent, benzyl alcohol is a component of inks, paints, epoxy resin coatings, and lacquers.

Interestingly, quartz and wool fiber have the same refraction index as benzyl alcohol. If either of these solids is immersed in benzyl alcohol, they become virtually invisible, thereby assuring they are true products and not fraudulent copies. With its ease of shipment and versatility in a variety of industries, the remarkable benzyl alcohol is a must-have solvent or precursor to esters. For Florida chemical supply, contact Bell Chem today to learn how your business will benefit by using benzyl alcohol.