Tru-Flo Food Grade Salt

Salt has founded and ruined civilizations, started wars, acted as currency, and preserved foods for centuries. The human body requires salt in order to function properly. Not every grade of salt is the same, though, and not all salts are edible. Tru-Flo® food grade salt is of high purity and used for flavoring foods, preserving canned goods, curing meats, and acts as a carrier for nutrients. Food grade salt contains over 99% sodium chloride (NaCl) with only a tiny fraction of insoluble material. Crystal size is uniform to give the same amount of taste with every use and to dissolve evenly and quickly. Along with Tru-Flo® food grade salt, the food ingredient supplier, Bell Chem, stocks several grades of salt for commercial and food grade uses.

  • Food preservation: Salt was used almost exclusively to preserve food before refrigeration. Today, many products, such as beef jerky or other dried meats, still rely on salt as the ultimate preservative.
  • Seasoning: The human body craves salt. Humans consume approximately 12 million tons of salt annually. The World Health Organization’s dietary guidelines state that the average person should limit salt intake to 5 grams a day, but our taste buds associate salt as one of the main five components of flavor; therefore, humans take in far more than what is recommended.
  • Carrier: Salt acts as a carrier for nutrients or food additives, such as iodine or nitrite. Iodized salt prevents gout and other thyroid conditions, and nitrite is utilized as part of the curing process. Fluoride, iron, vitamins and supplements are frequently added in conjunction with salt’s extra nutrients to stabilize them and ensure amounts are equal throughout the mixture.

Tru-Flo® food grade salt may be obtained from the sea, natural brine, or on land from underground rock salt deposits. Any of these locations will produce the free-flowing, small-grained salt consumers appreciate for their dietary needs. Contact your food ingredient supplier Bell Chem at 407-339-2355 (BELL) for information on food grade salt and the other pure food additives we carry. Our blog page of chemicals will give more detailed product information for you to read.