Tri-Calcium Phosphate

Tri-calcium phosphate is a calcium salt of phosphoric acid. This chemical product is used in foods as an anti-caking agent and as an acid regulator. As an anti-caking agent, tri-calcium phosphate helps maintain the fluffy characteristics of most dough products, such as cake and bread. Tri-calcium phosphate is also commonly found as an ingredient in dairy products such as yogurt, as well as in carbonated beverages, powder-based spices, and candies. The human body needs calcium in order to maintain bone health and density. The circulation of both calcium and phosphate into the blood promotes healthy deconstruction and reconstruction of the bones in the human body. Additionally, an adequate level of calcium and phosphorus allows cells within the body to properly store and convert energy.

You can take tri-calcium phosphate to supplement your daily calcium needs if you're concerned that you're not getting enough calcium from your diet already. Tri-calcium phosphate digests easily and is usually less expensive than other calcium supplements like calcium citrate.

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