The Uses of Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits have many aliases, such as mineral turpentine, petroleum spirits, solvent naphtha, white spirits, or, as many homeowners may call them, paint thinners. The Florida chemical supplier, Bell Chem, offers mineral spirits that combine an array of hydrocarbons to give you different grades of the best product available. Take a look at some of the products we offer: 

  • Degreaser: Used on machinery, metal, and automobiles, mineral spirits are strong degreasing agents. Degreasers allow oil and grease to be quickly and easily lifted from metal surfaces and washed away.

  • Solvent: Painters use mineral spirits to remove paint from recently painted surfaces and to clean their brushes. Even oil-based paints are lifted from brushes with mineral spirits. Unlike turpentine, which may cause respiratory problems if inhaled frequently, mineral spirits are much less harmful, even when used indoors frequently. Mineral spirits are the most commonly used solvent in the painting industry. Aerosols, asphalt products, lacquers, shellacs, and varnishes utilize mineral spirits as a solvent.

  • Cleaner: Tools and metal covered in layers of grime, dirt, and even old paint are quickly cleaned with mineral spirits. Wood furniture with a lacquer or varnish finish can be cleaned and buffed with just a small application. Mineral spirits also remove light scratches and skid marks from non-porous surfaces.

  • Adhesive and resin remover: Glass products with any form of adhesive can be easily cleaned as the adhesive is dissolved by mineral spirits. 

Bell Chem, Florida's chemical supplier, is based in Longwood, FL (just north of Orlando) with hundreds of products, including different grades of mineral spirits, stocked in their 50,000+ square-foot warehouse. You can expect the highest quality products, expedited shipping options for maximum efficiency, and unrivaled personalized customer service. Let our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives and accounting staff personalize all your needs by either calling 407-339-BELL (2355) or by sending us an online message.