The Many Things That Can Be Cleaned With D-Limonene

Unless you’re a chemical supplier in Florida, chances are you have not heard of the product D-Limonene. However, there is a significant chance that you have used several products containing D-Limonene, without knowing it. The citrusy smell of D-Limonene emanates from its source: citrus rind. As the rind’s juice and oil are separated, the oil is distilled to produce D-Limonene.

Once it is distilled and purified, D-Limonene is off and running with a lengthy list of uses. You may find D-Limonene as a degreaser, within plastics, in paint solids, as a fragrance, and as a cleaner. Inside the house, you can use D-Limonene to clean hard surfaces such as your kitchen counter, to remove stains and chewing gum in your carpet, in the bathroom to clean the floor and bathtub, to clean electronics, as a pre-wash in the laundry room, to clean the windows in every room, and to remove the sticky backing from the Cinderella sticker your daughter affixed to the center of your new refrigerator. When you have completed all your interior cleaning projects, D-Limonene is a refreshing way to clean your hands, leaving them with a clean, fresh smell.

Outside, D-Limonene leaves your car shining like new by removing tar, shining the wheels, and cleaning the engine and other intricate parts under the hood. It also excels at cleaning tools in the garage and removes tar, grease, and oil spots from the cement floor. If you need to clean your tools, workbench, and machinery, rely on D-Limonene. The boat in your driveway will also benefit from D-Limonene’s gentle cleansing power.  For the house and yard, it has also been noted that D-Limonene has insecticidal propensities.

Chemical suppliers in Florida also provide D-Limonene to commercial establishments because of its ability to effectively cleans concrete floors; removes asbestos shingles; degreases all types of engines--aircraft, automotive, and aerospace; maintains the cleanliness of grease traps by removing oil and grease buildup; cleans, degreases, and deodorizes lift stations and sewage treatment plants; removes tile and tar; cleans printing presses; shines metal; and removes the graffiti from outside the office building.

The pharmaceutical industry has found D-Limonene to be effective in the battle against cancer and AIDS, and the cosmetic industry adds D-Limonene to products for its citrus smell, as an aerosol ingredient, and for its oil- and grease-eradicating properties.

It seems the list of D-Limonene duties is extensive, but it may be only the beginning.  New methods of using this miraculous product are being discovered daily. For additional information on this versatile and efficient chemical, contact Bell Chem, your trusted  chemical supplier in Florida today.