The Benefits of Soy Lecithin

Because of soy lecithin’s ability to interact with the body’s cells, it’s essential in short-term cell signaling. The cells of the human body rely on acetylcholine to stimulate different processes, including nerve impulses. When soy lecithin is ingested, the choline it contains converts to acetylcholine to further those impulses. A diet low in choline reduces the pliability of cell membranes, and nutrients are unable to be absorbed and metabolized, which weakens internal and external cellular processes. Bell Chem, a food ingredient distributor, carries this versatile ingredient.

Soy lecithin is inexpensive and does not require a lengthy manufacturing process. In fact, most lecithin is a by-product after the generation of soybean oil. Soy lecithin is also virtually free of soy proteins, making it safe for individuals with soy allergies to consume. During manufacturing, most of the oils are removed from soy lecithin, thus the created product is considered virtually free of soy proteins.

As a Stabilizer
Soy lecithin acts as a stabilizer in blended ingredients. When liquids contain both oil and water, soy lecithin quickly blends the two. This makes it ideal to add to products such as salad dressings, margarine, and mayonnaise. Manufacturers admire the stabilization aspect of soy lecithin since it extends shelf life.

Soy lecithin’s stabilization causes bread dough to spread more evenly without being “sticky” or hard to manipulate. This also comes in handy with rising bread since air is evenly trapped throughout the dough; bubbles that erupt are therefore small and manageable rather than large air pockets. Anti-stickiness is the stabilization factor manufacturers require for non-stick sprays, and soy lecithin is a perfect ingredient for these cooking sprays.

As an Emulsifier
Emulsification is closely related to the properties of a wetting agent, or surfactant — another role of soy lecithin. Confections, such as chocolate bars and peanut butter treats, benefit from a perfectly blended flavor bite-after-bite. Instant drinks and foods add soy lecithin for the same reason; it reduces the surface tension of water to facilitate easier mixing and blending. Without soy lecithin, mixes would include large clumps of solid interspersed with a weak, watery product.

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