Surprising Ways ​Hydrogen Peroxide is Used

We all have that ubiquitous brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide stored in our cabinets. Many consumers find hydrogen peroxide useful for oral rinse, removing stains and whitening, and applying to wounds because of its germicidal properties. However, hydrogen peroxide has dozens of industrial uses, and the household industrial and institutional product suppliers at Bell Chem are here review a list of ways any industry could incorporate it.

Protein Removal

Food stains on a restaurant’s tablecloth can be immediately doused with hydrogen peroxide, and white linens can be cleaned safely with hydrogen peroxide added to the washing machine.

Natural SanitizerHydrogen peroxide is approved for use on food preparation surfaces. Sanitize porous surfaces, such as wood, solid metal, or glass without leaving streaks.

Septic Systems

These systems incorporate hydrogen peroxide in order to disinfect equipment without damaging it – a benefit bleach cannot promise.

Chlorine Alternative

Hydrogen peroxide offers the antimicrobial properties of chlorine without the health and environmental risks for water treatment systems. The initial cost of hydrogen peroxide exceeds that of chlorine, but it works faster and uses less product.

Damage Repair

Water damage to walls, machinery, floors, ceilings, and most other surfaces can be decontaminated with hydrogen peroxide, even if mold is present.

Food Safety

In the food industry, vegetables and fruits soaked in a water/hydrogen peroxide blend neutralize the chemical residue, kills bacteria, and prolongs shelf life.

Stain Removal

Stubborn stains on porous surfaces can be cleaned with a 3:1 mixture of baking soda to hydrogen peroxide.

After reviewing just some of the surprising ways hydrogen peroxide can be used, it is no wonder so many are adding to their inventory. Don’t wait, give the preferred household industrial and institutional product supplier, Bell Chem, a call at 407-339-BELL (2355) to learn about our line of industrial products and chemicals. Our blogs contain in-depth information on many of the products we stock.