Sodium Glucoheptonate

Sodium glucoheptonate (C7H13NaO8) is an industrial dream cleaner.  This light tan, crystalline powder is regularly used to clean industrial tubs at food processing plants as well as dairies and breweries. It is also utilized for paint stripping as a degreaser, for glass cleaning, and aluminum etching. Its ability to chelate metals – reducing adverse effects metals have on systems – and to sequester calcium to keep it from clumping elevate sodium glucoheptonate to a class all its own. Yet there is another side of sodium glucoheptonate.  It is also used to mercerize cotton, linen, hemp, and other plant-based fibers to increase strength and add luster to their overall appearance of threads and fabrics.  The paper industry prevents iron staining by taking advantage of the chelating effects of sodium glucoheptonate.  Leather tanning also relies on sodium glucoheptonate as part of its masking process to inhibit excess precipitation during the chemical processing of the product.

The benefits of sodium glucoheptonate include, but are not limited to

  • sequestration and/or chelation (“chelation” is derived from the Greek word chele or “crab’s claw” – quite appropriate for a chemical that “grabs” ions!)
  • stability over a wide pH range
  • biodegradability, and its
  • non-hazardous nature

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