Sodium Citrate FCC Dihydrate

Disodium hydrogen citrate, commonly referred to as sodium citrate dihydrate, is an acid salt of citric acid and has the chemical formula Na2C6H6O7. The Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) variety meets all guidelines deeming it appropriate for use in foods, beverages, and pharmaceutical products. Bell Chem, the food ingredient supplier in Orlando, has found sodium citrate dihydrate useful in emulsification, as an antioxidant, to regulate acidity, et cetera. Read below for a short description of the uses of sodium citrate FFC dihydrate and more.


  • When added to cheese, sodium citrate dihydrate allows cheese to melt without appearing greasy since it easily emulsifies oil. Sodium citrate dihydrate locks oil into the cheese and keeps it from oozing onto the surface.
  • As a sequestrant, sodium citrate dihydrate improves both the stability and quality of foods. Acting as a preservative, sequestrants prevent the oxidation of fats. When fats oxidize, they can easily form free radicals that break down the product and cause spoilage.
  • Sodium citrate dihydrate acts as an antioxidant in other foods as well. By stopping oxidation within any product, sodium citrate dihydrate minimizes product damage.
  • Regulating acids during the processing of foods is another function of sodium citrate dihydrate. When the chemical pH of foods is stabilized, they last longer and have a greater tendency to retain their proper taste and texture.

Sodium citrate dihydrate is a powerful food additive with far-ranging uses, as briefly outlined above. The food ingredient supplier in Orlando, Bell Chem, proudly stocks this product as well as an abundance of other food-related ingredients. Our inventory encompasses other industries as well, including water treatment, beauty care and nutrition, sanitation, and reagent-grade chemicals. Give Bell Chem a call today at 407-339-2355 (BELL) to learn about our inventory, and read the Bell Chem blog for an in-depth look at many of our chemicals and services offered.