Sodium Acetate FCC

Sodium acetate has the chemical formula CH3COONa or NaOAc. This sodium salt of acetic acid can be utilized in a wide variety of differing industries such as the textile industry, in rubber production, and in the process of cotton, for instance. Bell Chem, the Orlando food ingredient supplier, also stocks this important substance in its Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) form which is used for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and any other form that may be consumed by humans. Below are a few of the many uses of sodium acetate FCC.

  • Salt and vinegar potato chips owe their zing to sodium acetate when it takes on the form of sodium diacetate (sodium acetate combined with acetic acid). This combination of a salt and an acid provides both flavors people crave.
  • Processed and ripening cheeses, cheese analogues and powders, and dairy products such as buttermilk, sour cream, condensed milk, and yogurt appreciate sodium acetate’s emulsifying and preserving properties.
  • Canning and drying fruits and vegetables requires an additive such as sodium acetate to prevent bacterial growth as well as to preserve the produce. Sodium acetate serves the same purpose for preserved nuts and legumes and is a common ingredient to peanut butter.
  • Canned meat and deli meats contain sodium acetate as a preservative. Canned fish, such as sardines, fish pastes, and fermented shellfish, also use sodium acetate to preserve their meat products.
  • Sodium acetate is common in commercially prepared desserts since it acts as an emulsifier in ice cream, pudding, and custard, keeping ingredients from separating. Chocolate, candy and icing, sorbet, and sherbet all contain sodium acetate as a preservative as well as an emulsifier.
  • In spreads with fat as their basic ingredient, such as mustard, broths, sauces, and butter blends, sodium acetate acts as an emulsifier and a preservative.

Sodium acetate FCC is a clear winner to stock in your storeroom. With its abundant uses, it’s a good thing Bell Chem stocks this product in volume! Give the Orlando food ingredient supplier Bell Chem a call today to 407-339-2355 (BELL) to learn more about sodium acetate and Bell Chem’s entire line of ingredients and chemicals specific to food preparation. Our website contains information on various products and services; read our blogs to learn even more about our inventory.