Sipernat 22

Sipernat 22 is the chemically prepared form of naturally occurring silicon dioxide, or SiO2. Silicon dioxide is most abundantly found in quartz, although it is also prevalent in diatoms and sea sponges.  This food chemical, distributed by chemical companies, acts as a catalyst in production processes and its usefulness extends into the final products containing silicon dioxide by increasing their efficiency.  But what products are aided by Sipernat 22, and how does it accomplish these feats?


Want to turn a liquid into a free flowing solid?  Sipernat 22 does that.  Want to dry instant foods?  Sipernat 22 does that, too.  What should you use to make your product smell great?  Sipernat 22 will handle that as well!  Using the power of one of nature’s most prevalent components, silica (or in laymen’s terms, sand), along with aluminum and calcium silicate, Sipernat 22 forms spherical particles that absorb oils and water.  In fact, Sipernat 22 is remarkably hygroscopic, attracting and holding water molecules, giving the surrounding substance either less or more water as necessary.  In this manner, it can either change a liquid into an almost plasma-like solid that flows fluidly or, when added to instant foods or dried foods such as herbs or spices, absorbs the water to help maintain their powdery condition.  This is a great purchase from a food chemical distributor for anyone who seeks to experiment with molecular gastronomy.


Aside from the food industry, Sipernat 22 is also used in cosmetics as an additive for lipstick, deodorants, and toothpaste. As it binds or loosens water molecules that carry perfumes, the amount of fragrance will not vary from one use to another.  Toothpaste retains its texture and flow because of Sipernat 22, and deodorants containing Sipernat 22 include roll-on, stick, or spray.  Its versatility gives any form of solid the correct form – and fragrance – with every use.


Building enterprises also use Sipernat 22 in the form of butyl tapes and sealants to provide a watertight seal on structures such as skylights or roof overlaps.  As a carrier, silica is also used in powder defoamers, rubber and plastic additives, melamine resins, powder coatings, and other construction chemicals.

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